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Creative Me! Curriculum Corner





At Creative Me! Art Studio your child will have many opportunities to create all kinds of art! For example, we will discuss and analyze art, learn primary & secondary colors, explore textures, shapes and natural objects. We will learn how to draw, how to use watercolor paint, clay, stamps, chalk, and even sponging!  While meeting new friends in our studio and using their imagination, your child will develop a creative vocabulary and learn all about artists and their style!






At Creative Me! Art Studio, we will do hands-on art projects that involve fibers like yarn, weaving, paper crafts, playing with patterns and using organic & geometric shapes. We will pay attention to detail, learn how to draw, sculpt and paint, using watercolors, tempera or acrylic paint.  We will also teach your child that art is FUN and while learning about various artists, we will discuss that there are many different styles of art. We will also learn and practice how to analyze artwork together, as well as create our own masterpieces!






For this age group, children discover an awareness of themselves. At Creative Me! Art Studio, we will not only make lots of new friends, but we will also learn how to take our skills and use them in an art form. We will learn about movement and motion in art, we will incorporate the weather and seasons into our projects along with mood and emotion. We will delve into reality and fantasy in various pieces of artwork, and learn to use visual symbols. We will cut paper, use tape, glue, paint, fibers, and learn how to draw. We will focus on vertical and horizontal lines, and various concepts such as big/little, smooth/rough, tall/short, and few/many. We will discuss different cultures, history, museums, artists and the wide world of art while having a great time!






At this age, children like to focus on family, peer relationships and personal interests. Making friends at Creative Me! Art Studio is the perfect outlet! We will be focusing on space and balance, fables and mythical themes, measurement and spatial sense, calligraphy, studying plants & flowers and how to create a landscape. We will try portrait drawing, still life drawing, and study different pets, so we can create a variety of art. We will experiment with different forms of media, such as chalk, markers, colored pencils, glue, yarn and of course, paint! Other concepts your child will learn are printmaking, overlapping objects, tinting & shading, patterns that repeat, and learning how to divide a picture into foreground, middle ground and background. As your child learns to develop these skills they will be having a blast being free to create and getting a little messy too!







At Creative Me! Art Studio your child will be learning all about the Principles of Design: Emphasis, Movement, Repetition, Space, Balance and Value. Some of the ways children learn these concepts is through having a sense of environment, global awareness and learning about realism. We will be focusing on those concepts as well as using our artistic abilities with drawing, paper folding, learning about symmetry, doing complex cutting, while learning a diverse vocabulary with words like horizontal, vertical, parallel and diagonal. Your child will also experiment with fibers, felt, sculpture, shades & tones, mixing tints, and learning about color, intensity and value. They will compare art forms from different cultures and learn how to critique artwork. Concepts like organization and sequence will also be taught, while experimenting with paint, chalk, oil pastels and many different medias of art. Many students who already excel in art tend to bloom at this age level, and at our studio, we can provide your creative child with the tools they need to figure out what kind of artist they really are!







At this age, art students are encouraged to use current events to inspire their artwork. We will be integrating and synthesizing subject matter while studying many other cultures. Using our imagination we will learn to use symbolic expression, while discussing different points of view. We will do art projects that use charcoal, printmaking and mixed media. We will focus on the Principles of Art which are Emphasis, Movement, Repetition, Space, Balance, Value and Unity. We will get messy using tempera paint, acrylic paint, watercolors, and we will use chalk, oil pastels, markers, crayons, stencils and even clay! Every day is an artistic adventure at Creative Me! Art Studio.

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