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Creative Me Art Studio hosts cartooning classes called, Draw & Paint for those children (ages 5+) and young adults who love to draw and doodle – and will be offered every Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Parents are welcome to join as well! 

Class Fee is $15.

During these fun instructional classes, your budding artist will learn crucial steps in our Draw & Paint class.  As always, Miss Janine will teach your artist step-by-step how to draw using pencil. Next we will outline our drawing with black ink pen. Then we add color.


For our Draw & Paint class, some of the points of focus include:

·         Basic line drawing

·         Proportional drawing

·         Drawing facial expressions

·         Attention to details

·         Drawing in 2-D

·         Background & foreground drawing

·         Adding a variety of mediums for color

·         Drawing subjects from different angles/views

We will begin by drawing simple small animals and insects, step-by-step, then we will learn how to add a background, foreground, details and a bit of shading. Then we will move onto more complex animals, like horses, tigers, etc. Then we will work with different mediums like colored pencils, markers & watercolor pencils.

Creative Me Art Studio’s policy on cancellations (with advanced notice) will be in the for

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